What Can I Expect During my Appointment?

You’ll meet with a Lactation Consultant who will listen to your feeding goals, discuss your medical history, and take vitals on both you and the baby. Vitals include blood pressure, pulse, and temperature on Mom and weight, length, head circumference, and temperature on baby.

How Should I Prepare For My BFC Appointment?

Most Importantly: Bring your baby! And wear comfortable clothing with easy access for nursing. The 24-Hour Count: It’s helpful for your consultant to know how many wet and dirty diapers your baby has had in the past 24 hours, the number of times she has nursed, and if baby has received any supplemental expressed breastmilk or formula. Gadgets: If you’re using any breastfeeding gadgets, such as a nipple shield or Supplemental Nursing System, please bring them to the appointment.

Do I Need to Avoid Feeding My Baby Before the Consult?

We need to watch your baby’s behavior at the breast to assess breastfeeding, offer education, and develop a feeding plan. So it’s best to bring your baby hungry. This doesn’t mean you should avoid feeding your baby for a long time before the appointment; sometimes a small feeding is all you need to tide her over until she can feed here in the office.

May I Bring a Support Person or My Older Children?

We welcome your support person to join us during the consult and are happy to discuss how he or she can participate. The length of the consult can be a challenge for siblings, so please consider whether your older child would be more comfortable staying with a trusted adult.