Lactation Consultant in Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg area

In Person Evaluations

We are proud to offer 60-90 minute in person breastfeeding evaluations from a specialized Healthcare Provider who is also a Lactation Consultant in Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg area.  We are a Women’s Health Private Practice dedicated to providing Breastfeeding support services. Many women encounter breastfeeding challenges after being discharged from the hospital. We are proud to offer a unique model of IBCLC Certified Nurse Midwives and Nurse Practitioners who can address your maternity needs, answer questions, and provide  reassurance needed during this important time in your life.


Parents Recommend

"100% recommended! I was referred to Renee by my OBGYN. She scheduled me to come in the next morning which was a Saturday. (Most places aren’t open on weekends) she spent so much time with me. Answered every question I had. I left knowing more about breast feeding than I ever knew before!"


Set yourself up for success! Schedule an appointment for a breastfeeding evaluation after your hospital discharge. We serve the Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Hershey, Lebanon and York areas. Insurance is accepted.